Pokemon Go continues to be exclusive to Android and iOS users, but this doesn’t stop users of Windows phones from still trying to convince Niantic, Nintendo, and pretty much every decision maker that’s in any way involved in the development of the game to bring it on Windows 10 Mobile.

And if the 100,000 signatures of the online petition that called for a Windows phone port of Pokemon Go weren’t enough, here’s further proof that users on this platform really want to play the game: a request posted in the Feedback Hub is trending right now and is quickly gaining votes, with more than 500 people having already upvoted it in the app.

Truth be told, this isn’t quite the kind of feedback that’s directly related to Microsoft because the software giant isn’t the one responsible for the development of the game. Still, this request shows that users of Windows devices have very high expectations from the company, and they want Satya Nadella and the administration team to step in and do whatever it takes to bring their favorite games on the platform.

This is also one of the reasons some people didn’t support this request in the Feedback Hub, explaining that it’s better for Microsoft to focus on improving Windows, and not on apps that are developed by others.

No sign of Pokemon or Snapchat on Windows Phone

Leaving all these aside, it’s very clear that the lack of apps and games on Windows devices continues to be a problem, and in some cases, such as Snapchat and Pokemon Go, Microsoft can do only little about it.

Redmond is believed to be looking into ways to bring these titles on Windows devices, but until now, there’s still no sign that such a thing will happen anytime soon, regardless of how hard the company pushes for universal apps and bridges that make porting apps a breeze.

For what it’s worth, Snapchat’s CEO still hates Microsoft, and Niantic is completely tight-lipped about a Windows Phone version of Pokemon Go.

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