PayPal is one of the latest names that decided to wave goodbye to Windows phones and pull apps from the platform, but a few hours ago, the company dropped a hint that this could all change.

Although PayPal has clearly stated that it wanted to remove its Windows Phone app, a message displayed to some users indicated that the company was working on a new app, possibly with Windows 10 support.

“Good news is on its way – we’re hard at work creating a brand new PayPal app for you. We’ll let you know as soon as it’s ready. Meanwhile, you can access your account, send money and more by visiting,” the message revealed.

And obviously, this was only good news for everyone with Windows phones, especially because PayPal is one of the essential apps for so many users.

Nope, not going to happen

But it looks like in the end, that message wasn’t supposed to show up in the PayPal app on Windows phones, and the company quickly removed it and published one that only causes more frustration.

“Sorry about that! Our app for Windows is no longer available. You can access your account, send money, and more using our mobile website,” the new message reads.

Furthermore, there are reports coming from users who claim that updating to the latest version of the PayPal app leads to various problems, including unexpected crashes.

It’s not yet clear whether PayPal is indeed working on a Windows Phone app and the message that appeared earlier today was just a teaser or the company is indeed abandoning the platform completely, so there’s no doubt that all these things are only causing more confusion in the Windows community.

We’ve contacted PayPal to see if there are any plans for a new Windows Phone, and maybe Windows 10, app, but we don’t expect anything more than a “no comment” statement. Either way, we’ll update the article when we hear back from them.

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