If you’re a man of your word and you lose a bet, there’s nothing in this world that can stop you from doing whatever it takes because “a bet is a bet, you bet on a bet and if you lose, you lose the bet” (quote from Joey, the world’s biggest wannabe actor).

This is what probably happened to this man in Essex who walked into an airport carrying a gun-shaped iPhone case in his pocket in a day when the whole world’s fighting against terrorism, and pretty much anything that looks like a gun or explosive causes extreme fear.

“You might not catch your flight”

And yet, the Essex police have spotted a man with what seemed to be a gun walking into the Stansted Airport at a really busy moment during the day, so it’s not really difficult to guess what happened next. The man was arrested and is now facing charges that could in the end bring him a hefty fine or even some quality time in prison.

The Essex police have then moved to Twitter to troll the man and warn anyone else who might want to walk into an airport carrying a gun-shaped anything that this “makes it much less likely you’ll catch your plan.” Authorities explained that airport police have “a split second decision to make” when seeing someone carrying an object that looks like a gun, so such a prank can have more serious consequences.

“Someone decided to put themselves in such a situation today,” they said.

According to a tweet from the police, the man could be charged with “possession of imitation firearm in a public place,” and given the current terrorist fight across the world, it’s very clear that the judge would treat this seriously and used this case as an example for any other pranksters out there.

Now the next time you’re searching online for an iPhone case, just be smart and don’t go for a gun-shaped cover. If you really want to stand out from the crowd, here’s something that might work.

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