Earlier this month, OnePlus released its “flagship killer” OnePlus 3, and the company announced that it would not be continuing the OnePlus X line, at least not for the time being. Although the device has made quite the impression on the market, it seems the company has been subjected to criticism after users reported some issues with the OnePlus 3.

Considering the powerful specs and price tag, OnePlus 3 is one of the best choices for a smartphone that offers satisfactory performance while featuring a price tag under $400. That seems to be precisely the issue, as OnePlus 3 has been dubbed the “flagship killer, but owners have been experiencing some inconveniences with it.

Some have criticized OnePlus 3’s RAM management, which rather focuses on an extended battery life rather than actual functionality. Fortunately, OnePlus CEO stated that this can be fixed if users tweak the phone’s build.prop file and change app limits so that the OnePlus 3 would make better use of its 6GB of RAM.

Another issue regards a bug in OxygenOS that prevents the smartphone from ringing at times. Incoming calls simply don’t ring even if the handset is set in ring mode while other owners have complained of inaccurate display on the phone.

Build version 3.1.4 of OxygenOS will be arriving to review units only

Because of these issues and some other too, OnePlus has announced that it intends to release an OTA to fix current bugs and provide some more features, like sRGB mode, according to Android Authority.

The build version 3.1.4 of Oxygen OS will be arriving to OnePlus 3 review units only so that the company can accurately address issues before releasing a consumer OTA. Unfortunately, no time frame has been given for the OTA version 3.1.4 or the consumer OTA.

Still, it seems that OnePlus intends to bring sRGB to OnePlus 3 devices, considering that some people have complained about the inaccurate display on the handset. sRGB mode will tone down the colors on the screen, and the new OTA will also include improved RAM management so that users won’t need to tweak system files in order to get additional functionality.

OnePlus 3’s RAM management is quite aggressive, as it sometimes shuts down apps running in the background, despite the fact that it has 6GB of RAM.

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