OnePlus 3 is truly the pride and joy of OnePlus, since it’s the only smartphone the company intends to release this year, as it does not intend to continue the OnePlus X line, at least not until next year. However, this “flagship killer” has some issues that users have encountered, especially with RAM management.

Just recently, a comparison video between the OnePlus 3 and Samsung’s Galaxy S7 Edge showed that the “flagship killer” clearly lags behind its competitor. OnePlus 3 has problems completing almost all speed test tasks, fulfilling them in quite a longer time as compared to the Galaxy S7 Edge.

The smartphone lagged behind Samsung’s flagship, and during the time the Galaxy S7 Edge needed to open multiple applications, the OnePlus 3 could hardly launch a game.

OnePlus 3’s main advantage is the 6GB of RAM

OnePlus 3’s selling point was the 6GB of RAM, but it seems that RAM management on the handset is the biggest issue that prompted it to lose the speed test.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge comes with 4GB of RAM, which didn’t stop it from seamlessly navigating through applications and launching games much faster than the OnePlus 3.

Considering that OnePlus 3’s RAM management is quite worrisome, OnePlus CEO Carl Pei has made some clarifications on the matter. Theoretically, the 6GB of RAM would allow users to open multiple applications at the same time, but the truth is, some users have reported that they can only open 3 or 4 apps in the memory before having to remove them. The CEO has explained that OnePlus’s strategy for RAM management was, in fact, one that benefited the battery.

Battery seems to be a valid concern for the OnePlus 3, given the fact that it provides a small 3,000mAh capacity. Still, the CEO claims that RAM management can be adjusted in third-party ROMs. Users who are familiar with such tweaks can edit the phone’s build.prop file and change app limits so that the device would perform better.

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