OnePlus has just recently released its latest smartphone, the OnePlus 3. It comes with some really powerful specs, which is why it was called a flagship killer. However, when it comes to comparing flagships, Samsung’s S7 Edge is used as a reference, since it integrates advanced components and has been quite successful on the market.

OnePlus 3 and Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge have been put to the test, to determine which of the smartphones is faster and performs better when given complex applications to run. The video by C4ETech was uploaded on YouTube and it shows how the smartphones performed in a speedtest.

It’s worth mentioning that the team from C4ETech took all external factors into consideration, so that the test results would be accurate and reliable. In that sense, all kinds of power saving options were turned off on both devices, they have been factory reset and no apps were running in the background of the phones.

The two devices were also connected to the same Wi-Fi network and both of them had a Snapdragon 820 chipset, but other specs are quite different.

The first application that was opened on both devices was the Temple Run 2 game. OnePlus 3 failed to open the game as quickly as the Galaxy S7 Edge. The next game that was opened was Asphalt 8 and OnePlus 3 continued to lag behind the Galaxy S7 Edge, despite the fact that it had a higher RAM capacity of 6GB.

OnePlus 3 needs better RAM management

It was interesting to see how the OnePlus 3 struggled to open the game, while the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge had already launched it, switched to Gmail app, then Twitter, YouTube, at which point the OnePlus 3 finally finished loading Asphalt 8. That’s quite a long time to wait for OnePlus 3 owners.

Overall, the Galaxy S7 Edge finished the performance round in a minute and a second, while the OnePlus 3 finished in one minute and 10 seconds. It seems that Samsung’s device has considerably better memory management than the OnePlus 3, despite the fact that the S7 Edge only comes with 4GB of RAM.

In conclusion, OnePlus 3 clearly lost the speed test in favor of the Galaxy S7 Edge, meaning that OnePlus should really improve RAM management on its “flagship killer”. Samsung is expected to incorporate 6GB of RAM on its upcoming Galaxy Note 7, which will also have an iris scanner.

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