OnePlus 3 was recently unveiled just a last week, but it seems that a number of users have been subjecting OnePlus’s “flagship killer” to a series of tests, to assess whether the phone performs as expected. In the latest, OnePlus 3 competes against the iPhone 6s when it comes to the speed of the fingerprint scanner.

SuperSaf TV uploaded a video on YouTube in which he tested the fingerprint scanner on the OnePlus 3 versus the scanner on the iPhone 6s. OnePlus had stated that its “flagship killer” has one of the fastest fingerprint scanners out there.

Although both devices have a fingerprint scanner on the front button, the iPhone 6s has a physical button that users can actually press, but the OnePlus 3 has a capacity button. The test reveals how much of an impact this has on the speed of the fingerprint scanner.

OnePlus 3’s fingerprint scanner clearly performed better than the iPhone 6s

When the uploader activated the fingerprint scanner from the standby screen, the OnePlus 3 clearly performed faster and managed to authenticate the user quite faster than the iPhone 6s. The smartphone unlocked almost instantly.

From the lock screen, the OnePlus 3 once again proved its superiority and managed to unlock the screen in a much faster time. Even after animations on both devices were switched off, the OnePlus 3 still managed to surpass the iPhone 6s.

The final test regarded the speed with which the smartphones turned on the display after the fingerprint scanner was activated in the lock screen. OnePlus 3 was clearly faster in the final test as well.

Overall, the OnePlus 3 clearly managed to win this fingerprint scanner speed test, while the iPhone 6s simply couldn’t keep up with the “flagship killer”. Granted the smartphones were launched a few months apart, maybe Apple will improve the fingerprint scanner in its new iPhone 7, set to release in September.

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