A recent study released today and carried out by identity provider firm Gigya reveals that the elderly employ better password management techniques when compared to all the other generations.

The company, which provides an API for automating login operations, says that, from a representative sample of 4,000 adults from the US and the UK, the group with ages between 51 and 69 gave the best answers when it came to password management.

According to Gigya, Baby Boomers, as this generation is often referred to, surpass both Generation X (ages 35-50) and Millennials (ages 18-34) when it comes to using unique passwords.

One in five (20 percent) of all Baby Boomers said they use a unique password for each of their online accounts while, on the other hand, only 12 percent of Millenials do the same, and only 16 percent of Generation X respondents employ this tactic.

Furthermore, only 4 percent of Baby Boomers admitted to using the same password for all their accounts, which is half the number of Millennials (8 percent) and Generation X respondents (6 percent).

Only one in five Baby Boomers dealt with hacked accounts in the past year

Of the Baby Boomers who participated in the study, only 18 percent revealed they had to deal with a compromised online account in the past year. For Millennials, the number was 35 percent, meaning one in three “young ones” had to deal with a hacked profile in the last twelve months.

Baby Boomers lead the charts across the board in Gygia’s survey and are showing that being younger doesn’t necessarily mean you’re automatically more tech-savvy.

The Gigya study also touched on other password-related topics, such as biometrics authentication, which 80 percent of respondents perceived as a safer authentication method.

This was also the only place where Baby Boomers came last, with the younger generations leading the way when it came to using biometrics authentication methods such as fingerprint scanning, voice recognition, iris scans, and facial recognition.

How generations choose passwords

How generations choose passwords

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