Installing Windows 10 Mobile on Xiaomi devices is possible thanks to a custom ROM released by Microsoft itself, but as far as other Android handsets are concerned, it’s quite a challenge to get the operating system up and running on them.

And yet, it turns out that the Nexus 5X can actually run Windows 10 Mobile, and a video that has recently been published on YouTube shows the device on build 10568.

This is a little bit strange since build 10568 leaked to the web in October 2015, and newer builds are already available, but since no information has been provided about how Windows 10 Mobile has ended up running on a Nexus 5X, certain changes to the latest releases might block the trick.

And speaking of the way Windows 10 Mobile can be installed on a Nexus, there are now details on how to do it, but more information is very likely to emerge soon as more devs will probably look into a way. Most likely, whoever did this probably used the Xiaomi ROM to find a way to install it on the Nexus 5X, so it’s all just an enigma for the moment.

The OS is a little slow, but at least it works

But if this video is real, then it’s clearly an important step forward, and there’s no doubt that many might actually turn to Android devices to run Windows 10 Mobile.

There’s one big reason for this: if it’s indeed possible to run Windows 10 Mobile on an Android handset, customers can purchase these phones because it leaves the door open to switching to any operating system they might want.

Back in 2015, when Microsoft first announced plans to release Windows 10 Mobile ROMs for Xiaomi devices, everyone hoped to see this happening for other Android phones too, but Redmond doesn’t seem to be interested in such an approach. For the moment, take this as the best news of the month for the Windows phone community, and let’s all just hope that it’s real and more people can install Windows 10 on their Android devices.

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