The iPhone 7 (or whatever it’ll be called since there are contradictory reports on this, and nobody can tell for sure if Apple wants to launch it as iPhone 7 or a variation of the iPhone 6) has leaked in some new photos that bring up no surprises at all, confirming what we already knew about the device.

Leaker Steve Hemmerstoffer, who has a good track on information on unreleased phones, has come across new photos published on Chinese forums which he believes are legit and reveal features of the upcoming 2016 iPhone.

And yet, if you’re one of the Apple fanboys who have kept an eye on everything related to the next iPhone, it’s hard to be surprised by this new leak, as it doesn’t show anything new and only confirms what we pretty much knew about the iPhone.

Secondary speaker grille

For example, the leak shows that Apple will bring a dual camera configuration on the iPhone 7 Plus, but the standard model will get a larger singular unit that’ll be moved closer to the top left corner. Antenna lines will also be moved to the top and bottom edges for a more clear back.

The leak shows that the headphone jack will indeed go away on the next iPhone and instead Apple will add a new speaker grille. What’s important to note, however, is that the upcoming iPhone won’t offer stereo audio, so it’ll continue to be mono, but will only have two speaker grilles (we heard that stereo is on Apple’s priority list of the 2017 model, but we’ll see how this one goes).

Other than that, it’s the typical iPhone 7 leak that renders many of the changes we’ve heard about in the last few months, so there are big chances that the next iPhone will look just like that. The official unveiling will take place in September, so we’ll find out how much of this is true in a couple of months.

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