While many developers are joining the Windows 10 universal app effort and bring their apps on both PCs and mobile phones running the new operating system, others are leaving and pull their apps from the stores citing poor adoption as the main reason.

Such an example is Vivino, the maker of an app that allowed Windows Phone users to simply scan a bottle of wine with their phones’ cameras and look up for information on that specific wine, get recommendations, reviews, and alternatives.

And while this certainly sounds like an awesome app, it appears that its adoption has been rather low and this is why the company decided to pull it from the store.

Windows 10 universal app unlikely

In an email revealed by WindowsCentral, Vivino points out that the app currently in the Windows Store is outdated, explaining that working on a Windows Phone app simply does not make sense anymore. There’s no mention on whether a Windows 10 universal app could ever be launched, but the chances are that it won’t given the previous experience of the company on the platform.

“Unfortunately, we have ceased development and support for the app on the Windows platform. The version located on the Microsoft Store is outdated. It turns out, that the traction we have seen from the platform does not justify the development effort. In essence, we feel that a native app would not be able to deliver the best experience to our users. We know it’s not much help, but at least an explanation from our side. Your wines and other data is not lost since you can access these through our website Vivino.com,” the statement provided by the company reads.

This isn’t the first developer that leaves Windows phones and certainly it’s not the last. The most recent market share figures provided by analysts across the world aren’t quiet encouraging for those who want to code for Windows phones, as it’s believed that Microsoft’s mobile platform dropped below the 1 percent threshold.

And yet, the Windows 10 universal app push is taking shape quite nicely, and this is one very neat way to bring apps on phones as well.

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