In a surprising move, Motorola might bring back the RAZR smartphone series, which was one of the most iconic phones made by the manufacturer. The company has recently released a video teaser on an announcement to be made during Lenovo Tech World on June 9th.

Motorola RAZR phones were some of the most popular smartphones in 2004 and during its glory days, Motorola managed to sell 130 million units of its RAZR V3. One of the reasons for the phone’s insane popularity was its thin flip case, which was certainly a head-turner at the time. The Lenovo-owned company seems adamant to revive its iconic series, in an attempt to increase brand popularity.

As it turns out, Motorola released a video teasing an upcoming RAZR phone, but nothing on the design or specs was revealed. In fact, the video takes the user back to 2004 when the RAZR saw staggering popularity and places the viewer in a high-school setting where students make use of the phone.

It could be Motorola’s attempt to make people nostalgic over the RAZR phone and at the same time curious to see if the design was kept and if the phone comes with a flip case.

Motorola will make an announcement on June 9th

During the even on June 9th, Lenovo is expected to unveil the new Moto X devices and also make an official announcement on the RAZR smartphone. Moto X is expected to come in two variants, the Vector and the Vertex. The first will be the premium phone in the series, with a 5.5-inch screen and 1440p resolution. The Vertex will be thicker and will have a bigger battery of 3500mAh.

Aside from the Moto X series, Lenovo should also unveil the highly anticipated Project Tango smartphone.

At this point, we’ll just have to wait and see if the RAZR flip phone keeps many of the characteristics that made it so popular back in the day.

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