Lenovo will be unveiling its flagship Moto Z series during Tech World Conference on June 9, alongside other interesting innovations like the highly anticipated Project Tango phone. To promote the upcoming lineup, Lenovo has released images of the Moto Z and StyleMods back covers on its Google + page.  

Last month, it was said that the Moto Droid series would be rebranded as Moto Z, with multiple variants expected to come later this year. Now, it seems that new images have made it to the Internet.

Rumor has it that the Moto Z will sport modular back plates and snap-on accessories. Moreover, the StyleMods show that the smartphone will have a large, protruding rear camera module, placed at the center.

The pictures indicate that the back covers will be coming in numerous different textures, including nylon, wood, and even leather. The StyleMods will be used for customizing the handset and changing its the whole feel.

StyleMods are different to the MotoMods that were leaked in images last month. They are said to offer additional functionalities to the phone by allowing users to connect the MotoMods to the 16-pin port featured at the bottom of the Moto Z. The word is that one of the MotoMods comes with a dedicated shutter button, a lens cover, and possibly optical zoom.

Moto Z should have ShatterShield technology

The Moto Z should feature an AMOLED screen with ShatterShield technology, which Motorola guarantees cannot be cracked or shattered for four years. The ShatterShield display comes with five layers that are designed to absorb shock so that the screen doesn’t break. The technology is found on the Droid Turbo 2.

The back of the Moto Z will pack a large camera lens, as depicted in previously leaked images. Motorola has managed to do a good job of preventing any information on the Moto Z’s specs from surfacing online. The wait shouldn’t be long, considering that the release date is only a few days from now, on June 9.

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