ElSurveillance, a religiously motivated Moroccan hacker, has defaced 37 websites as part of his #EscortsOffline campaign that he started last summer.

We previously wrote about ElSurveillance’s campaign in January, when the hacker explained that he began defacing escort websites because of his religious beliefs.

ElSurveillance, a devout Muslim, explained that no man or woman should be selling their body for money. “[O]ur bodies are gifted from Allah (God) to us to look after and not to destroy,” the hacker said.

Hacker has defaced over 100 escort websites in the past months

In January, the hacker defaced 79 escort websites. His actions didn’t go unnoticed, and on some online forums where escorts and webmasters of these websites met, his name was brought up in discussions and used it to drive each other in implementing better Web security.

While some webmasters did their job, some didn’t. During the past days, the hacker has been busy defacing a new set of escort websites.

The hacker contacted Softpedia and provided us with two lists of the recently defaced websites. The first contains 15 sites, and the second 22. Mirrors are also available here (Caution: NSFW).

Most escort sites are from the UK

Most of these websites bare ElSurveillance’s defacement message even today, but some have been put into maintenance mode. Most of the websites are from the UK.

ElSurveillance has had a bone to pick with the UK in general. His first list of defaced websites also included a lot of UK-based escort portals, and he later also defaced the website of Stratford-upon-Avon, the birthplace of William Shakespeare, twice.

ElSurveillance is not the first Muslim hacker on which we reported, but unlike his fellow ISIS-affiliated colleagues that spread fear, threats, and warnings of violence, he’s spreading a message of peace and a religious-rooted message.

ElSurveillance's standard defacement message

ElSurveillance’s standard defacement message

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