Windows 10 is indeed growing and this kind of makes sense, especially because Microsoft is pushing so hard for everyone to make the switch to the new operating system.

Furthermore, with the free upgrade offer aimed at Windows 7 and 8.1 users ending in less than 30 days, you would expect Windows 10 to experience significant adoption boosts these days.

And it does, but the only problem for Windows 10 is that Windows 7 shows signs of recovery too, with the operating system launched in 2009 reaching 49 percent market share once again and heading towards the 50 percent threshold.

Windows 7 still the king

Data offered by third-party market researcher Net Applications puts Windows 7 on the leading spot in the top desktop operating systems chart for June 2016 with a share of 49.05 percent, while Windows 10 is the runner-up with 19.14 percent. Windows 10 has thus posted an important growth last month, jumping from 17.43 percent to 19.14 percent in just one month.

Windows 7 improved its share too, growing from 48.57 percent in May to 49.05 percent in June. This is the second increase in a row for Windows 7, after the operating system dropped from more than 57 percent back in July 2015 when Windows 10 was officially unveiled.

Believe it or not, but Windows XP continues to be the third most-used desktop operating system with a share of 9.78 percent, down from 10.09 percent the month before. This is the first time when Windows XP drops below the 10 percent threshold, but it’s very clear that the 15-year-old operating system is only declining at a terribly slow pace.

Windows continues to have no competition on the desktop, as Mac OS X 10.11 is far behind with just 4.93 percent market share, while Linux has just 2.02 percent. Certainly, Windows 10 will continue to improve in the coming months, but it’ll be interesting to see how Windows 7 performs after the end of the free upgrade promo.

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