Microsoft has left behind nearly 50 percent of its Windows Phone devices when releasing Windows 10 Mobile earlier this year because of low-end hardware capabilities, but there are companies out there that want to bring the operating system on as many devices as possible in their lineup.

BLU is one such example, as the firm recently announced the start of the rollout for Windows 10 Mobile upgrades on three different models that launched with Windows Phone.

Specifically, BLU Win HD, Win HD LTE, and Win JR LTE X130E in Europe and Asia will all receive the upgrade to Windows 10 Mobile, so if you have any of these models, simply check for updates to see if the new operating system is there for you too.

Anniversary Update coming to Windows 10 phones next month

The wait for the Windows 10 Mobile has certainly been difficult for BLU customers, especially because the release takes place three months after Microsoft actually introduced the operating system, but also due to the fact that we’re only just one month away from the launch of the first major update for devices running it.

The Windows 10 Anniversary Update will bring a plethora of changes on PCs and mobile, so BLU phone owners would better rush to upgrade their devices to make sure they’re prepared for the release of this major update.

On the other hand, while Windows 10 Mobile is rolling out to more devices, statistics show that the upgrade frenzy has kind of slowed down, pretty much because the majority of phones were the new operating system was available have already installed it. Windows Phone 8.1 continues to be the leading version in the Windows phone world, so although Windows 10 Mobile is growing, it’s hard to believe it’ll ever manage to overtake its predecessor.

Certainly, the limited availability remains one decisive factor for this, but with wider support from other companies such as BLU, Windows 10 Mobile could continue its growth in the coming months.

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