iPhone owners using Microsoft’s apps, rejoice! There’s a new update released by Microsoft for iOS, this time bringing improvements to the OneDrive app that provides you with quick access to files stored in the cloud.

The update released today brings OneDrive to version 7.4 and includes options that make SharePoint integration better for enterprise customers also using this solution.

Microsoft has also rolled out a new SharePoint app for iOS, so the new OneDrive version comes with single sign-on integration between the two app, making it faster to access them on your iPhone.

Furthermore, SharePoint Server 2013 and 2016 is also added with this new update, and Microsoft explains how this works:

“Access your organization’s on-premises files from your mobile device with SharePoint Server 2013 and 2016 support. Open and edit all of your most important files – even offline. Note: This is only compatible with Windows authentication (NTLM) and Forms-based authentication. Talk with your IT admin for more information.”

The Android and iOS push

OneDrive is frequently updated on iOS with new features, and this is part of Microsoft’s increased focus on non-Windows devices where it hopes to conquer app stores with its own solutions. Microsoft’s applications are enjoying a pretty big success on both Android and iOS, and Terry Myerson, head of the Windows group at Microsoft, emphasized that this is part of a more ambitious effort to provide all users, regardless of their platform of choice, with access to services such as OneDrive.

“Our company will be pragmatic and embrace other mobile platforms with our productivity services, device management services, and development tools – regardless of a person’s phone choice, we want everyone to be able to experience what Microsoft has to offer them,” he said.

As a result, expect more such updates to be released in the future, so go ahead and get today’s OneDrive pack of improvements to see what’s new on your iPhone.

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