This year’s iPhone is expected to be just a small redesign of the current 6s generation, with people close to the matter saying that Apple is working on a bigger overhaul for next year when it also celebrates the 10th anniversary of the iPhone.

And this overhaul is likely to include not only a new design, but also a new screen, as Cupertino might finally be ready to switch from the traditional LCD screen to OLED.

A new report coming from Bloomberg reveals that Applied Materials, one of the top OLED display manufacturers, has received four times more orders in the second quarter than usual, and Apple is believed to be one of the companies getting the tech.

The company has thus made no less than $700 million in just one quarter, which is the same amount that it usually generates during the whole year, and this is a suggestion that Apple has paid big money to get the OLED screens. Furthermore, it’s believed that Apple purchased a big amount of displays to cope with what it expects to be a huge demand for the new model.

The OLED iPhone

This report falls in the same unconfirmed news category, but it’s likely that the next year’s iPhone would come with an OLED display incorporating all front-facing parts, such as the FaceTime camera and the Touch ID sensor.

This way, Apple is heading towards a no-bezel design that would make the device completely new, while also breathing new life into a device that comes with a rather outdated design.

Although Apple has already placed orders for OLED screens, it appears that these can’t be delivered in time for the launch of the iPhone 7 taking place this September.

Applied Materials claims that it takes no less than nine months to complete production and then submit the displays for assembling to companies that purchased them, so this means that Apple should receive the screens in early 2017.

This could give the company enough time to prepare the launch of the 2017 iPhone, which could take place in the fall according to Apple’s traditional schedule. But if the company gets its hand on these OLED screens so early, an earlier launch isn’t impossible either.

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