Mirror’s Edge Catalyst will offer an updated take on many of the ideas that were part of the first title in the series. This time around, the development team at DICE is using a new developer diary video to show gamers how the city of Glass will look at night, with spectacular use of lights and a new sense of freedom for main character Faith.

The footage also features developers talking about the background story of the protagonist, the design of the various buildings that she will lead through, the way factions will interact with each other, and the way nightlife offers a new version of the world to explore.

For Mirror’s Edge Catalyst, DICE is also planning to introduce a deeper free-roam gameplay system while making sure that combat does not slow Faith down as she moves through glass.

The new game is created using the Frostbite 3 tech and will give players more options when it comes to movement, with multiple paths, some more difficult than others, opening up as Faith deals with her various missions.

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst will be launched on May 24 on the PC, the PlayStation 4 from Sony, and the Xbox One from Microsoft.

Multiplayer in the video game will be asynchronous, with gamers affecting the world for each other and using leaderboards to compare their ability to move across the city.

DICE is also offering details on Faith’s enemies

The entire combat systems that been modified to make shooting a less attractive opportunity for gamers, and they will have to use hand-to-hand techniques to deal with those who want to stop them.

Guardians are the most popular type of opponent, relatively slow to react and generally unable to pose a problem to even the most inexperienced of the runners that move through Glass.

Protectors are a step up regarding ability and training, they have more armor and increased ability to stop attacks and counter at the right time to take Faith down.

The security forces in the world of Mirror’s Edge Catalyst use Shock Protectors and powerful range Enforcers when they need to deal with bigger protests or when protection is required for any kind of crucial target.

Sentinels are the toughest enemy in the game because they are not only powerful and highly trained but also fast enough to deal with most of the moves that Faith can employ.

A beta is planned for Mirror’s Edge Catalyst during April.

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