Rumor has it that Microsoft is working to expand its Surface lineup with a new addition that could come in the form of an all-in-one PC, which many believe could compete against Apple’s iMac.

And while such a product would more or less make sense for Microsoft and its attempt to offer its own solution for the desk, the company remains completely tight-lipped and doesn’t want to drop any hint that all-in-one PC would be in the works.

But according to reports, the Surface AIO is indeed under development behind the closed doors and what’s more, Microsoft is currently considering two different approaches for the device. The new Surface could thus be offered as a companion device for the Windows 10 Mobile Continuum feature or as a stand-alone product that would be a true all-in-one PC in all regards.

Previously, it was believed that the Surface all-in-one device could launch as soon as this year, while upgrades to the Surface Pro and the Surface Book would land in the spring of 2017.

Only coming next year

It turns out, however, that this plan has changed, with Microsoft now expected to introduce its Surface updates later this year, while the all-in-one model would have to wait until next year.

Certainly, a Surface all-in-one PC would help Microsoft become a more important hardware company, but at the same time, it could raise the same concerns as the original Surface among partners.

Back in 2012 when Microsoft launched the first-generation Surface, many OEMs were worried that Redmond would impact their sales, making their products less appealing for buyers across the world. That didn’t happen, though, and although Microsoft indeed became a competitor in some markets, the Redmond-based software giant focused on premium and allowed partners to expand in the ecosystem.

The very same strategy is expected to be embraced for the upcoming Surface models too, including here not only the all-in-one PC, but also the Surface Phone.

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