Microsoft is betting big on its Xbox console, and it’s now making it part of the Windows 10 ecosystem, but before the 360 actually got to see daylight, the company had different plans for its gaming efforts.

Robbie Bach, who is a former Chief Xbox Officer, has said in an interview with IGN that Microsoft actually wanted to develop an Xbox handheld called “Xboy or X something,” but the company had to cancel it because the full focus was on Xbox 360.

Bach explains that a prototype of this device has never been built, but “there were definitely drawings,” only that there was a huge problem at that moment: Microsoft was working hard on getting the Xbox 360 ready, so focusing on a project such as the Xboy would have impacted the development of the key product.

“It was a great idea, but we just couldn’t do it,” Bach says, adding that Microsoft didn’t have what he calls “the bandwidth” to start working on this kind of device.

“Smart decision”

When looking back at the decision the company made, Bach says that it was a tough but smart call, explaining that smartphones have evolved a lot lately, and a gaming handheld device would make less sense right now.

Smartphones have indeed become the preferred device for gaming on the go while traditional consoles, such as the Xbox and PlayStation, continue to record high sales, so it looks like Microsoft has indeed chosen the right product to invest in.

Rumor had it that Microsoft also wanted to build an Xbox gaming tablet with a 7-inch screen and specifically focused on delivering high-performance to be able to support the latest titles, but once again, the company allegedly canceled the device before it ever reached the prototype phase.

Right now, however, Microsoft no longer seems to be very keen on investing in portable gaming, and Xbox One has become a priority, as it’s an essential part of the Windows 10 efforts that bring together all devices, including PCs and smartphones.

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