A tweet posted by the official Spanish account of Lumia support brought back hope that Snapchat could arrive on Windows phones at some point in the future, as the post revealed that Microsoft was working with Snapchat on developing such a client.

Since this wasn’t the first time when Microsoft’s social accounts posted information that wasn’t true, everyone was still skeptical that Snapchat would actually build an app for Windows phones, especially after the company banned all third-party apps on the platform and offered absolutely no hint that an official client would be developed.

And as far as Microsoft’s official position regarding a Snapchat app is concerned, nothing has changed, and in a statement this morning, the company remains completely tight-lipped on chances to see the eagerly-anticipated client launching on Windows phones.

“We’ve seen great momentum around the Windows Store and Apps. We continue to work with industry leading partners to bring the best experiences to Windows for a broad set of categories, including entertainment, productivity, and gaming. We have nothing further to share,” a company spokesperson said.

A big step towards addressing the lack of apps

While this statement could leave room for speculation and some optimistic Windows Phone users might actually see it as a sign that Snapchat is coming to their platform, Dona Sarkar, head of the Windows Insider program, said in a tweet a few hours ago that she never heard of such a plan to bring Snapchat on Windows Phone.

“News to me,” she said when being asked whether Snapchat could land on Windows Phone and if the tweet posted by the Spanish account of Lumia support was accurate.

Certainly, getting Snapchat on Windows phones could only be a big step towards addressing the lack of apps on the platform, but the chances to see it happening are dropping with every new day. We’re still waiting for a statement that would set things clear in this saga, but for the moment, just don’t get your hopes too high that Snapchat launches on Windows phones.

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