Snapchat has always been one of the most requested apps for Windows phones, especially because the company banned third-party clients on the platform, and now it appears that there’s a small chance to see it landing on Windows 10 Mobile in the near future.

The Spanish Twitter account of Lumia Support tweeted that Microsoft and Snapchat are working together on a Snapchat app that could be released “soon,” without providing any other details regarding the client or the launch date.

Spotted by, the tweet comes from an unnamed individual that’s part of the support team, so there’s absolutely no evidence that this is true or not. And it wouldn’t be the first time when Microsoft’s support accounts post inaccurate information, as similar tweets went live in December 2015 pointing to an imminent release of Windows 10 Mobile (the OS eventually went live in March this year).

The approximate translation of the tweet reveals that “we are already working with our friends at Snapchat to bring it as soon as possible,” and this raises several questions regarding the collaboration.

“Snapchat’s CEO hates Microsoft”

First of all, Snapchat has never been considered a Microsoft partner, so it’s a little bit unexpected to see the company working together with the software giant on a client for Windows phones.

Rudy Huyn, a well-known Windows Phone app developer who also created a Snapchat client that eventually got removed from the store, said that “Snapchat’s CEO hates Microsoft,” and this is the main reason the company doesn’t want its app on the platform. As a result, seeing Microsoft call Snapchat “a friend” is clearly surprising, but this tweet clearly gives us hope that an official Snapchat app can land on Windows phones.

For the moment, however, it’s better to simply take this as a rumor because no other Microsoft official actually confirmed that this is true or not. We’ve also reached out to the company for more information and will update the article should we get anything else than a “no comment” answer.

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