Upgrading to Windows 10 isn’t exactly rocket science when you have to do it on your home computer, but when it comes to organizations that have to deploy the new operating system on tens or maybe hundreds of PCs, the whole thing becomes a little bit more complicated.

That’s why Microsoft has released a detailed guide for schools in order to help ease the transition to Windows 10 and make the whole process faster when more computers are involved.

Furthermore, Redmond claims that the summer is just the perfect time for the education sector to begin the upgrade to Windows 10, as all systems could thus be ready for students when they return to school.

“The summer is a fantastic time for education IT administrators to make school or college-wide updates to devices, systems and infrastructure,” Microsoft explains.

“For those schools, colleges and universities that are yet to upgrade to Windows 10, the next few months provide an perfect opportunity to deploy and discover all of the fantastic new features in our latest operating system, in preparation for the new academic year beginning in September.”

Pre- and post-installation tips

The guide includes the typical instructions on how to download and install Windows 10, but also how to set up USB installation media that would make deployment much faster. Although it’s specifically aimed at schools, this guide can also come in handy to consumers and enterprises, who can learn new things on how to upgrade to Windows 10 should they need to perform the process on more than one computer.

Furthermore, the documents come with post-installation tips that should help you deal with any software compatibility issues, hardware problems, installing updates, and pretty much everything that should ensure a smooth experience with Windows 10.

Without a doubt, these guides can really be helpful for some organizations, and since Microsoft is betting big with Windows 10 on adoption in the education sector, it’s a good resource that could ensure smoother upgrades. Microsoft wants to bring Windows 10 on 1 billion devices by 2017, and upgrading schools is a key part of this effort.

Windows 10 Upgrade Guide for Schools from Microsoft

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