Microsoft has just released a new update for the official OneDrive for iOS app, providing users with a series of fixes specifically aimed at bugs that have been reported in the last weeks.

Microsoft’s increased focus on iOS apps has been reiterated recently by Windows boss Terry Myerson, who has explained that the company wants to make its services available to as many users as possible, no matter if they’re running a Windows device, Android, or iOS.

So new updates for Android and iOS apps are released regularly, not necessarily with new features, but with fixes supposed to improve performance and make everything smoother on all devices.

Bug fixes for iPhone users

This is the case of the new OneDrive version for iOS, which comes to correct an issue causing users to encounter an endless spinner in the Sites tab. This is one of the problems we’ve experienced with version 7.2, so it’s very clear that this new update is a must-have for everyone hit by this bug.

Additionally, Microsoft says that it fixed an issue where the music stopped playing in the background, and it appears that this was actually a widespread bug happening on a big number of devices.

As usual, these updates are delivered through the App Store, so anyone can download them automatically in just a couple of seconds.

Clearly, these are just minor updates for iPhone users, but it goes without saying that those who run the OneDrive app on a regular basis and come across bugs need such patches delivered as fast and possible, and it turns out that Microsoft truly delivers on that promise.

Microsoft is very keen on getting closer to the iOS world, so the company is even holding a party at Apple’s WWDC conference next week, where it hopes to get in touch with more developers who would be interested in coding for its platform.

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