It’s not a secret that the majority of insiders participating in the Windows 10 testing program want new builds as frequently as possible, and this is one of the reasons Microsoft is offering them several rings to choose from.

And since the company is also running Office insider programs, it’s now trying to borrow some ideas from Windows 10 in order to make these more effective.

So today, Microsoft is introducing a fasting for the Office for Mac testing effort, thus promising to provide users with new builds at a much faster pace than before.

“Today, we’re pleased to announce the release of our first Office Insider Fast build to Office 2016 for Mac Insiders. (In the upcoming months, we plan to release Insider Fast builds to other platforms, too, so if you’re not a Mac user, don’t feel left out!)” Redmond has announced today.

Buggy builds

It goes without saying that the Office fast ring comes with the same risks as the corresponding ring on Windows 10, so expect bugs and other issues to be there whenever you get a new update.

Microsoft warns that only the most experienced users should enroll in this channel while everyone else is welcome to stay in the slow ring and get updates at the same pace as before.

“This is a new option is for those who want to use the earliest builds possible to improve quality and influence features. Office Insider Fast is best suited for those who don’t mind the risks inherent in using unsupported builds. We aim to release Insider Fast builds to Mac Insiders on a weekly basis, although we’ll hold builds that don’t meet the quality bar,” it says.

To enroll in the new fast ring, launch Office 2016, click on Help > Check for Updates and open the option that reads “Check how you get Insider builds.” Select “Office Insider fast,” click accept, and you’re done.

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