Long-time Windows insiders probably remember that there were builds when launching the Start menu, Cortana, or any item on the taskbar was pretty much impossible due to bugs that Microsoft itself attempted to address with several updates.

And although the number of users experiencing such issues has dropped significantly, it appears that some are still unable to launch the Start menu in Windows 10, so Microsoft decided to release a dedicated troubleshooter to help determine the cause of the problem and to at least attempt to fix it.

Specifically, the so-called Windows 10 Start menu troubleshooter (direct download link!), which is available for download right away for devices running Windows 10, looks for tile database corruption, as it has been discovered that live tiles could sometime affect the overall stability of the Start menu and thus render it useless.

Very little user interaction during the whole time

At the same time, it also scans the computer for permission issues in the registry, so in case you’ve previously modified certain registry items or installed apps that applied such changes, the chances are that this is the reason the Start menu is not working. So this troubleshooter looks for such broken registry items and fixes them should this be possible.

Additionally, it scans installed applications to determine if they installed correctly, but also to see if the manifest data is corrupt, as in some cases, this has been identified as one of the main causes for the Start menu not working as expected.

Using the troubleshooter is no rocket science and it’s all just a matter of pressing the “next” button. Everything is performed all automatically and should any issues be discovered with the Start menu, the troubleshooter tries to fix them on its own.

Once the scanning process is complete, you are provided with a list of potential issues that were identified, so you always know what modifications the troubleshooter could apply.

This is the all-new Start menu in Windows 10

This is the all-new Start menu in Windows 10

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