Microsoft has recently announced its very own watch face for Android Wear devices in an attempt to provide users with a quick way to access Outlook notification and upcoming appointments.

After the company introduced Outlook for Apple Watch, it’s now moving its attention to Android Wear, which is currently one of the fastest-growing wearable platforms on the market, alongside watchOS and Tizen, whose adoption is still limited, given the fact that it’s only available on Samsung devices.

Notifications right on your wrist

The new Outlook watch face allows users to see an overview of the day’s schedule and key details for each entry, Microsoft explains, and all content is overlaid on the dial of the watch. Furthermore, the dial matches the colors of the calendars you added to Outlook on your Android phone, so it’s easy to always keep track of your appointments.

“Details of your next event are front and center, showing you how much time is left until your next meeting and where you have to be. You also have information on how many new emails you have received since you last looked at your phone,” Microsoft adds.

The Outlook face obviously allows you to interact with notifications just like the original Outlook app for Android, so you can archive, schedule, flag, and delete notifications. Furthermore, when receiving event invitations, you can instantly RSVP thanks to a dedicated button while replying to a message is possible with a preset list of responses and voice dictation.

Additionally, you’ll receive notifications for the next events, and you can “tap the reminder to show the meeting time, location and meeting organizer so you’ll arrive prepared. If you are running late, send a note with a couple quick taps.”

Microsoft says that this is just the very first implementation of the Outlook face, so it promises more improvements in the next updates to refine the experience on Android Wear devices.

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