MSN News has been around for a while, and it was one of the essential applications that Microsoft introduced with Windows 8 when the company started pushing so hard for better adoption of its Store apps (also known as Metro at that time).

With Windows 10, however, MSN News lost several key features for a reason that’s pretty impossible to understand, given how many people were using it, but it turns out that Microsoft is now working not only to bring them back but also to make them significantly better.

MSN News is on its way to becoming a much better news app, and a recent update released by Microsoft to computers running the latest preview build provides us with a glimpse into how it’s going to work.

MSN News version comes with a new feature that lets users customize their news sources and configure them in a way that matches their interests better.

Specifically, MSN News will allow users to choose the sources they want to get news from, and there’s word that, if you add your personal websites, articles pushed by them will be refreshed much more often than the default collection that Microsoft provides you with.

Increased focus on personalized sources

Just like any other news app, when you launch MSN News for the first time, you are prompted to choose your interests, such as sports and technology, and you get news articles that fall into these categories. However, you are not currently allowed to exclude some specific sources from these collections, and this could change with the coming updates.

Furthermore, in order to give you a more personalized experience, sources that you manually enter into the app could be displayed among the first and refreshed much more frequently to make sure that you read what you’re interested in more easily. Certainly, this would come in handy to users who want to stick with MSN News, especially because competition in this area is getting fiercer and apps such as Flipboard are already experiencing a pretty big success.

At this point, there’s no information as to when the updated MSN News app could land for users in Windows 10, but given the fact that the debut of the Anniversary Update takes place in about one month, this would be the right moment to roll it out.

The app doesn't currently allow users to exclude sources from interests

The app doesn’t currently allow users to exclude sources from interests

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