Microsoft is expected to launch the Windows 10 Anniversary Update in July, and since we’re approximately one month away from this key release, the company is now giving the final touches to the update.

We’ve known for a while that Windows 10 Anniversary Update (also known as Redstone) is feature-locked, and Microsoft is no longer working on new things, but now there’s also a more official indication that this is indeed happening.

Microsoft is launching a new Bug Bash whose purpose is to focus only on identifying and fixing bugs in the existing Anniversary Update preview builds. Insiders are the ones playing the key role here and Microsoft wants to get all feedback by the end of this month, so that it has enough time to compile the final build that would be shipped sometime in July – note that insiders will obviously be the first to get this it, while retail users could receive it at a later time.

New Bug Bash this month

The Bug Bash will follow Microsoft’s traditional approach and will include quests that will help insiders discover unreported bugs. It will run for a total of four days next week.

“Just like in April, we are doing another Bug Bash this month and will like to extend it to Windows Insiders. We want to make sure we focus on developing what is important, and feedback from Windows Insiders as always goes a long way in helping us shape Windows,” Microsoft explained.

“We will using Quests in Feedback Hub again as the main mechanism of highlight areas of the product we want to focus on. We will cycling Quests over 4 days next week and then bring them all back over the weekend for opportunity to give more feedback.”

Windows 10 Anniversary Update RTM is expected to be build 1607, a version number that hints at its release date (the first two numbers represent the year, while the other two are the month, hence the launch could take place in July 2016).

Certainly, work on the Anniversary Update will be coming to an end in the coming weeks, so expect the next builds to be more focused on fixing bugs rather than on new features.

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