Microsoft makes billions just from patent royalties that many Android device manufacturers are paying to use its technologies (estimates point to approximately $2.5 billion every year collected by Redmond without moving a single finger), and the company has no reason to stop here.

The software giant has just signed a new deal with Luna Mobile, a company that builds the typical lineup of Android devices, including mobile phones and tablets, so in order to use technologies that Microsoft patented, it has to pay.

In an announcement today, however, Microsoft provides absolutely no details about Android royalties and things like that and only says that it partnered with Luna Mobile “on mobile technology.”

The company, however, points out that “Microsoft will receive royalties from Luna under the agreement,” but any other contents of the deal remain confidential.

Microsoft apps on Luna models?

And obviously, everyone is pleased with the partnership, and there’s absolutely no reason not to be: Microsoft is getting paid for the technologies it patented while Luna Mobile can use them without fearing that it might be sued.

“Microsoft is committed to empowering people all over the world to increase their productivity, and that’s what this new collaboration with Luna Mobile is all about,” said Nick Psyhogeos, President of Microsoft Technology Licensing. “Luna Mobile is at an exciting place right now, and its partnership with Microsoft on patents will usher in the kind of innovation needed to deliver enhanced features and user experiences for customers all over the world.”

The Redmond-based giant has signed similar deals with a long list of companies, including famous names such as Samsung, Nikon, LG, and Canon, but in some cases, the partnership also included Microsoft apps installed on Android devices sold under these brands.

There’s no mention of whether this is the case in the deal with Luna Mobile, though, but there are big chances that we’ll soon see apps such as Office and Skype installed on their models too.

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