Microsoft has put a lot of work into making Edge an advanced browser – and these efforts are carried on with the release of the Anniversary Update, which brings even more improvements – but its adoption continues to be impacted by its rather limited availability.

The Windows 10-exclusive browser has improved its market share in June, according to data provided by Net Applications, but on the other hand, Google Chrome advanced towards a milestone that’s nearly impossible to achieve in today’s competitive market: 50 percent market share.

Google Chrome is now the leading browser with a share of 48.65 percent, which means that nearly 1 in 2 PCs out there is running this particular program, and all signs seem to point to continued growth in the coming months as well. Chrome improved from 41.71 percent in April to 45.63 percent in May and now to 48.65 percent in June, so it increased its market share by almost 7 percent in just 3 months.

Microsoft Edge improving as well

On the other hand, Microsoft Edge is growing too, but it does it at a lot slower pace. Edge is currently running on 5.09 percent of PCs out there, but considering that it’s only available on Windows 10, it’s kind of obvious that it’s nearly impossible for it to keep up with Google Chrome, which is currently offered to all Windows users.

Microsoft Edge is now at 5.09 percent up from 4.99 percent the month before and from 4.73 percent in April, so it’s clearly on the right path. The upcoming Windows 10 Anniversary Update will bring exciting updates for Edge, including extension support, and this should make it a better alternative to Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

Internet Explorer continues to be the second option in the browser world, but its market share is collapsing. IE declined from 36.61 percent in April to 31.65 percent last month, and the drop is very likely to continue in the coming months, as Microsoft is now fully focused on the Windows 10 default browser, Edge.

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