Rumor has it that Microsoft is working on an all-new Surface all-in-one PC that could launch this year and although the company has so far been tight-lipped on this, it appears that such a project is indeed under development behind the closed doors.

One hint in this regard comes from Microsoft directly, as developer Shubhan Chemburkar spotted some placeholders in one of the company’s buildings when attending an event at the Redmond headquarters.

As you can see for yourselves in this photo, it suggests that Microsoft is working on a new Surface model that could be launched as soon as this year, but its place is currently covered by a placeholder. The 2016 lineup includes a Surface Pro and a Surface Book, as well as a third model whose design and name are not revealed.

New Surface models coming this year?

Interestingly, this photo seems to suggest that Microsoft is planning to launch new Surface models later this year, but there’s speculation that the company actually wants to postpone the release until spring 2017. The Surface Pro 5 and the Surface Book 2 are thus expected in early 2017, rather than in late 2016, but this photo seems to suggest the other way around.

Microsoft hasn’t said anything about the release date of new Surface models, but the company recently dropped a hint that new devices could indeed be launched in the fall.

A company executive explained that the fall is the right moment to launch new products and while he confirmed that Microsoft partners will unveil several new Windows 10 devices, he also suggested that Microsoft itself is preparing something new for later this year.

The Microsoft Band 3 is one of the devices that could see daylight this year, but now that we’ve seen this photo, it appears that the Surface all-in-one PC could go live as well in the fall. Certainly, this could help Microsoft expand its Surface lineup and appeal to more customers, thus offering a solution for the desktop as well.

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