Microsoft has announced at the Computex show today that Porsche Design is developing a Windows 10 device that would be launched later this year and offer state-of-the-art build quality and features.

Porsche Design, which makes anything it touches pretty luxurious, is now looking at Windows 10 devices, and according to Microsoft, the company has teamed up with a local OEM to build what seems to be a 2-in-1 running the new operating system.

Such an announcement isn’t exactly surprising, but seeing Porsche Design preparing such a project is clearly exciting news for those who hoped to see better quality Windows 10 devices hitting the shelves.

Little is known at this point, but according to Microsoft itself, the 2-in-1 will come with a 13.3-inch screen and Intel processor and hardware part. Most likely, the device will feature a powerful CPU and at least 8 GB of RAM, as Porsche Design usually builds products that not only look stunning but also offer uncompromised performance.

A pen will also be offered

Furthermore, the new Porsche Design Windows 10 device will support the majority of Windows 10 features, including Windows Hello, so an infrared camera or a fingerprint reader is very likely to be offered. Additionally, a pen will also be available, as Microsoft names Windows Ink as one of the features that will be supported on the device.

The device will go on sale this winter, Microsoft says, so there’s still a lot to wait until it becomes up for grabs. And yet, it’s still a good thing that such companies are getting involved in making Windows 10 devices better, as both Microsoft and customers around the world need these investments in build quality and performance.

“As you can see, the range of Windows 10 devices our OEM partners have delivered and the new experiences they enable are remarkable. These devices show how the Windows 10 platform enables innovative and diverse products across categories and price points for everyone from students or families to entrepreneurs and enterprises,” Nick Parker, Corporate Vice President, Microsoft OEM, says.

Pricing details haven’t been disclosed, but as with any other Porsche Design product, you’d better prepare your wallet for a hefty investment.

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