Raul Murillo Diaz, 30, of Oakland, California, admitted to attacks on Google’s Mountain View headquarters and is also under investigation for two other attacks on the company’s Street View and Self-Driving cars in two other separate incidents.

Police officers arrested Diaz on June 30, after stopping him near Google’s headquarters. Officers who searched his car said they found a firearms case in plain sight with a .22 caliber gun, and a cylindrical object with wires coming out of it, which they presumed was a pipe bomb.

Bomb squad officers later announced the bomb wasn’t functional because it was not yet filled with flash powder or a flammable substance.

Diaz set two cars on fire, shot at a Google building

Mountain View police pressed official charges against Diaz for a May 19 incident, when a masked man had thrown two Blue Moon beer bottles filled with gasoline at a Google Street View car in the parking lot of Google’s Mountain View headquarters on Salado Drive.

Surveillance video captured around 22:52 shows the suspect throwing a bottle that broke on the ground near the car, and another bottle landing on the vehicle’s hood, but not breaking. The suspect picked up the second bottle and smashed it on the ground, near the car’s right-side backseat.

The car later burst into flames. An eyewitness was also present. Police found a lighter on the ground next to the car.

Diaz also admitted to a second incident that took place on June 4, around 22:30, when a masked man shot several bullets at the windows of Google’s Mountain View headquarters on Garcia Avenue. The shots broke some glass, but nobody was hurt. Police recovered bullet fragments from the scene of the shooting.

Suspect admits his crimes

On June 10, around 01:54, Google also called police after a masked man had set fire to a Google Self-Driving car at the company’s building on Alta Avenue.

Surveillance video shows the suspect, Diaz, using a squirt gun to spray the car with a liquid and then lighting it on fire. The car was completely destroyed.

In statements given to Mountain View police officers, Diaz said he felt like Google was tracking him, and even kept journals about what he believed Google was collecting about him. The suspect later admitted to his crimes. Below is the police’s affidavit.

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