Linksys has announced the availability of a new firmware package compatible with its EA6100 wireless router, namely version 1.1.6 Build 173444, which promises to address a couple of vulnerabilities, thus improving the unit’s overall security level.

If you intend to apply this update, first of all, save the appropriate package for your specific region (available for US and Other Regions), and make sure that you establish a wired connection between the router and the computer using an Ethernet cable (wireless technology might disconnect occasionally).

Afterwards, log into the device’s administration panel using your username and password, and check its currently installed firmware to make sure it isn’t either newer or matching the latest release mentioned above.

Now, if all is ok and done properly, go to the Administration > Firmware Upgrade section, click the “Browse” button, locate and select the .img file you previously have saved, click “Open,” and wait for the router to do its job.

While installing (a progress bar will be displayed), make sure you don’t disconnect the power/Ethernet cable, reboot your router/computer, or interrupt the process in any way. Upon completion, you will be prompted with an appropriate message.

Finally, once the firmware has been applied and your router restarted, Linksys recommends that you press and hold the “Reset” button for 10 seconds, unplug the power cord for another 10 seconds, and then plug it back in.

That being said, download Linksys EA6100 Router Firmware 1.1.6 Build 173444, take into account all aforementioned steps, upgrade your router, and constantly check our website to stay “updated one minute ago.”

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