Nowadays, most manufacturers release multiple variants of their flagship phones in order to meet the needs of various markets and consumers. LG used the same strategy with the G5, when it launched a slightly less powerful version named the G5 SE in China and Latin America, as well as other locations. Now, it seems that the company is working on a new device, the LG X5.

According to GSMinfo, LG has recently filed for a trademark on the X5 moniker with the Korean intellectual property rights authority. The company has registered the name, as well as the logo with an X and a small 5 next to it.

The application doesn’t mention if the company is working on a new smartphone or a different type of mobile device altogether. Even if LG’s intention was to trademark the name for a new phone, that doesn’t mean that it will actually launch the project, as many manufacturers apply for patents and trademarks but, ultimately, devices aren’t released to the market.

However, considering that the X5 trademark application is accompanied by a logo, it’s likely that LG will actually manufacture and release the device at some point.

LG X5 could be a rugged version of the LG G5

The LG X5 wouldn’t be the first LG handset with the X moniker. The X cam and X screen were mid-range devices launched earlier this year. However, the X5 smartphone bears some name resemblance to the flagship G5, which could mean that LG is preparing to launch a rugged or otherwise improved version of the LG G5.

The LG G5 was officially introduced in February this year, and it brought some really nice features, including the removable modules. The phone came with LG 360 VR, a camera module, and other external modules. Users could switch between two batteries and expand internal memory up to 2TB via a microSD card slot.

LG G5 boasts a 5.3-inch HD IPS Quantum display that supports Quad HD. It remains to be seen if the X5 will match the G5 specs and simply add a rugged case or there will be more differences.

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