LG seems to be following on the footsteps of market giant Samsung and is working on a superhero themed premium series of smartphones. LG posted on its German Facebook account promotional images hinting towards new smartphones boasting the X-Men theme. It seems that the premium series will be centered on LG X variants.

The post reveals that LG will be launching the X-Men themed LG X series in July, making them available to fans in Europe, the US, and Latin America.

The two new phones launched yesterday, the LG X Power with a 4,100mAh battery and the LG X Style are linked to Professor X with the tagline Long Lasting Power. The second smartphone is linked to Mystique and the poster reads Fabulously Flawless Looks.

Cyclops will be the main theme for the LG X Cam while Nightcrawler will feature the LG X Screen case. The next two phones that haven’t been officially announced yet, LG X Max and LG X Mach, will also be part of the LG X themed series, one centered around Beast, while the other around Quicksilver.

LG X series will further come with the LG X Max and LG X Mach phablets

The LG X Max is shaping up to be a large-screen phablet, while the LG X Mach should have a powerful processor and fast camera. However, there are few details on the two upcoming smartphones.

It seems that LG picked Marvel’s X-Men to promote the LG X series and release a premium edition, one that also celebrates the launch of X-Men: Apocalypse the movie.

In a similar move, Samsung picked DC Comics and announced the launch of a Batman-themed Galaxy S7 Edge limited edition. The series was teased in late May, but there’s still no word on when it will be made available and fans in which countries will be able to get their hands on the limited edition.

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