Lenovo held Tech World at the start of last month and the company released one of the company’s biggest innovations, the Lenovo Phab2 Pro in partnership with Google’s Project Tango. The company also showcased the prototype of a bendable smartphone and company representatives have recently announced that the smartphone will be released in the next five years.

Lenovo’s Phab2 Pro smartphone with Project Tango technology is surely one of the most important devices to come out of the company’s mobile division, but Lenovo has some more aces up its sleeve. The company’s bendable phone prototype will be released in the next five years, according to CNBC.

Aymar de Lencquesaing, co-president of Lenovo’s mobile business group stated in an interview for CNBC that the company will release the bendable smartphone, CPlus in the next five years. The smartphone was showcased during Tech World and it showed that users could place it on their wrists.

CPlus could come with a 4.26-inch display and run Android OS

The phone has the capacity to bend backwards in just a matter of seconds. Lenovo announced that the CPlus would be available in two different sizes, one of the variants will have a 4.26-inch display. The smartphone would run Android OS.

The flexible display was also featured on a phablet/tablet called Folio. The device folded in half depending on the screen size that the user needs for a particular task. It also instantly unfolded and revealed a larger display.

Lenovo isn’t the only smartphone manufacturer to release such a smartphone, Samsung is also working on a phone with flexible display, called Galaxy X. The smartphone is part of Samsung’s Project Valley initiative, launched a while ago.

Rumors say that Samsung’s device is expected to hit the market in February, during Mobile World Congress 2017, much earlier than Lenovo’s bendable smartphone. Moreover, multiple Samsung patent applications have recently surfaced, showing that the company has multiple ideas when it comes to mobile devices with flexible displays.

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