A Kurdish hacker using the name MuhmadEmad has defaced five Dell subdomains and left anti-Turkey and anti-ISIS messages on the sites, tech news site Tapscape reports.

The hacker saved his work via the Zone-H mirroring site. Based on the mirror’s date, the defacements took place on May 26. At the time of writing, all of the five Dell subdomains were still down. Dell’s website were running on the Drupal CMS.

The hacker, who claims to be part of the KurdLinux_Team left the following message on each site:

  HaCkeD By MuhmadEmad // Long Live to // {Peshmerga && kurd && Kurdistan} // KurdLinux_Team // c0ntact // [REDACTED]@gmail.com // Death to { ISIS + TURKEY }  

The hacked subdomains were for Dell’s Entrepreneur-in-Residence program. The five URLs were eir.dell.com, eir.dell.fr, eir.dell.ie, eir.dell.co.uk, and eir.dell.nl.

After defacing the sites, the hacker also recorded a video accessing the defaced domains and uploaded it on YouTube this past Saturday, June 11.

The hacker’s animosity towards ISIS is rooted in the recent Syrian conflict during which the Kurdish population living in Syria and Iraq has been attacked by ISIS forces. Similarly, the Kurdish people living in Turkey has been oppressed by the Turkish government who fears they might rise and ask for their independence.

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