Kickass Torrents, the world’s largest torrent portal, announced yesterday that it finally set up a .onion URL, meaning the site is now also mirrored on the Dark Web as well, mainly as a backup for the main service.

Seeing that Kickass Torrents is many times more popular than The Pirate Bay, the site’s ownership seems to be getting ready for an assault on its domain names.

New .onion domains will serve as a backup

If you haven’t been keeping up with piracy related news, The Pirate Bay has lost most of its domains, even its original .se domain, and can now be accessed only via its .org and .onion domain names.

The Pirate Bay’s Onion URL is uj3wazyk5u4hnvtk.onion, while Kickass Torrents’ new Onion URL is lsuzvpko6w6hzpnn.onion.

Onion links can be accessed only via the Tor Browser, residing on the Tor’s secure and anonymous network. The classic Kickass Torrents URL will continue to work, even if accessed via the Tor Browser.

The Onion URL is more of a backup domain, as mentioned above, in case the primary URLs get taken down by various copyright groups, which recently have become very active. No excessive traffic is expected on the .onion URL.

Onion links are not the only thing the Kickass Torrents staff copied The Pirate Bay in. Previously, in February, The Pirate Bay added live streaming support via a Torrents Times-like technology, which Kickass Torrents mimicked a few days later.

Kickass Torrents 2FA support is now officially live

Besides a new Dark Web presence, Kickass Torrents staff also announced the official launch of its two-factor authentication service, about which we reported being in the works at the start of April 2016.

2FA support is now live, making Kickass Torrents the first site to add two-factor authentication to its service.

Kickass Torrents portal on the Dark Web

Kickass Torrents portal on the Dark Web

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