Panos Panay, the man who created the Surface and who’s now believed to be the one responsible for building the Surface Phone, was part of a live Surface event earlier today that brought us a behind-the-scenes look at how the tablet comes to be.

And while this is quite an interesting thing to watch, there’s something else that Panos Panay showed during the streaming and it’s not directly related to Surface.

Panos was wearing what seems to be a white version of the Microsoft Band, the company’s very own fitness tracker that’s currently at the second generation and quickly approaching the third.

Details are completely missing for the moment and Panos hasn’t said a single thing about the device he’s wearing, but it looks like he really wanted to tease it, as he clearly lifted his sleeves during the stream for everyone to see the white watch.

Interchangeable bands on the new model?

Although it’s not very clear if this is the third-generation Microsoft Band, it surely looks like the typical Band, with a curved screen and the familiar design of the second model. The white band, however, could be an indication that Microsoft might be planning some new colors for the upcoming generation, while some believe that the company could go as far as offering interchangeable bands on the device.

The screen seems to be a little popped out, so stand-alone bands that could replace the default one could indeed be offered, although this is just speculation for the time being.

Recent reports have indicated that the Band 2 is currently listed as out of stock at some retailers, including Best Buy, and Microsoft is no longer planning to refill stocks. This is believed to be a hint that Microsoft is preparing the third-generation Band, which could see daylight as soon as July.

If the one that Panos is wearing is indeed the Band 3, then the device will stick with the fitness tracking look, so it won’t get too close to a smartwatch concept, although it’ll definitely come with feature improvements in this direction.

Watch the video below to see the white Microsoft Band teased by Panos Panay.

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