Apple’s iPhone can be used for a wide variety of purposes, but here’s something that has never crossed your mind. The people who own the YouTube channel How Ridiculous decided to go fishing using the smartest lure they could find: an old iPhone.

As weird as it might sound, the iPhone can indeed be used as a fishing lure, and as it turns out, it’s actually quite effective. Even more so than the traditional types of lures, according to the poster of this YouTube video, as fish really seem to have a thing for iPhones.

While nobody can tell for sure if this isn’t a fake, Brett Stanford, one of those behind the aforementioned YouTube channel, claims this is 100 percent legit and that he actually had to wait approximately 15 minutes before catching the fish.

“They often take lures, but on this particular day lots of lure types weren’t working, which is what makes it even more amazing that the iPhone did work. Apple have obviously done something right,” he jokes, according to Mashable.

Waterproofing on the iPhone 7? Yes, please!

While we doubt that Apple has done something right, there’s actually something that the company can do right on the next iPhone and make fishing possible even with an iPhone in perfect condition: waterproofing.

People familiar with the matter hinted that Apple was already pondering the idea of making the iPhone 7 waterproof, but more recent rumors do not come with such evidence, which makes us wonder whether there’s still any chance of seeing this happening or not.

Certainly, this would be a great addition to the iPhone lineup alongside all the other improvements that are believed to land on the future model, including a dual camera and wireless charging.

For the moment however, it’s safer to either fish with the traditional types of lures or a dead phone. But it would definitely be interesting to see if the Samsung Galaxy S7 is at least as effective as this old iPhone because it already has waterproofing and stuff.

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