There are plenty of contradictory reports out there when it comes to iPhone 7 features, but most of them agree that a dual-camera system would be offered on the Plus version.

And now new information coming from Macotakara reveals that, while the major upgrades would basically come down to the dual cameras and the removal of the Lightning port (which, in turn, would allow for bigger battery), Cupertino is also planning some smaller tweaks here and there that could hardly make a difference when compared to an iPhone 6s.

First and foremost, it looks like Apple is planning to make the front-facing ear speaker longer than on the 6s, probably in an attempt to offer better call audio quality, while the ambient light sensor will be moved from the left to the right side of the device. It’s not yet clear why Apple is making this change, but it might have something to do with how all components are placed under the case.

iPhone 6 accessories will no longer be supported

While the Plus model will come with a dual-camera system, the standard 4.7-inch iPhone 7 will instead get a larger unit with just one lens and will be moved closer to the top left corner of the phone.

All these rumors are living proof that, although the iPhone 7 will look very similar to the iPhone 6/6s and will even have the same dimensions, you won’t be able to use a wide array of accessories, such as back covers or protective films because of the new position of various components.

All in all, with more and more sources pointing to a rather dull redesign of the iPhone for the 2016 model, it becomes more obvious that there’ll only be small differences between the current and the next versions, so get ready for a new wave of criticism in September when it sees daylight.

It remains to be seen how much of all these reports proves to be true, but for the moment, just take everything as a rumor and let’s just wait for an official announcement.

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