Previous leaks have shown rather minor improvements coming to the iPhone 7, but according to the latest speculation in the Apple world, more exciting upgrades are actually prepared.

First of all, it appears that Apple is indeed planning to offer some exclusive features on the iPhone 7 Plus, so the chances are that the bigger model will be the one to go for those who want the best of the best. And yet, this doesn’t necessarily mean that the standard 4.7-inch version will be left behind, and the camera is the best example in this regard.

The iPhone 7 Plus is expected to get the eagerly-anticipated dual-camera configuration, so the device will come with 2 12-megapixel units. Citing Chinese sources who are pretty impossible to verify, MobiPicker writes that the iPhone 7 could come with one 21-megapixel camera specifically aimed at bringing the device in line with the Samsung Galaxy S7 (which by the way has a 12-megapixel unit, but Apple is aiming for at least similar performance).

More RAM and faster LTE

The iPhone 7 Plus will get a memory upgrade to 3 GB of RAM, mostly because of the dual-camera setup, but if the standard model receives a bigger camera too, a similar bump is needed as well. Rumors in this regard seem to be far off the mark, but Apple is definitely planning an upgrade on at least one of the iPhones.

In terms of storage, we already know that the next iPhone will come with a 256 GB version, but rumor has it that the 16 GB option could be dropped. According to these new rumors, Apple is aiming for different versions for its two iPhones, as it follows: the 4.7-inch model will come with 16 GB, 64 GB, and 128 GB variants while the Plus will be available with 32 GB, 128 GB, and 256 GB of storage space.

And last but not least, the same sources seem to point to a bigger change, indicating that Apple is considering replacing the Lightning connector with USB-C in order to offer fast charging. We’re pretty sure that’s not going to happen, and sources have told us that the Lightning port will actually play a key role on the next iPhones, and it’s one of the essential features that Apple is betting on in the future.

In the end, it’s worth pointing out that these are all just rumors, and many of these details are impossible to verify, so just don’t take anything for granted for the time being.

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