While most of the leaks seem to show that the iPhone 7 will come with a design that’s very similar to the one of the 6s, there’s one unexpected rumor pointing to a more radical change on the upcoming model.

Coming from French website NowhereElse, the leak you see here shows the 4.7-inch iPhone 7, but not with the typical design that’s currently used on the 6s, but with upgrades that would help boost customer appeal in the short term until the bigger overhaul launches in 2017 on iPhone’s 10-year anniversary.

The photo you see here shows an iPhone 7 design that uses four different speaker grilles, as part of an upgrade that would ultimately be supposed to boost the device’s entertainment side. With two speakers and four grilles, two at the bottom and another two at the top, the iPhone 7 would become a much more appropriate device to watch videos, listen to music, or even watch TV, despite the screen size.

The model pictured in this leak is the 4.7-inch iPhone, so while this implementation might not be so helpful in this case, it certainly makes more sense on the Plus model with a 5.5-inch screen (or on the Pro version that’s rumored to come with a 5.7-inch or 5.8-inch display in 2017).

New camera and Flash layout

Another striking change that this leak indicates is a new layout for the camera and flash. As you can see for yourselves, the position of the flash is no longer near the camera, but below it, although none of the previous leaks or reports indicated that such design difference was possible.

The camera is also bigger, a thing that has made the rounds lately, and it’s believed that the 4.7-inch model could finally get OIS, which continues to be a feature exclusively available on the Plus.

For the moment, this leak falls in the “unlikely” category, mostly because it contradicts previous reports saying that Apple was aiming for a design similar to the 6s. The launch of the iPhone 7 is projected to take place in September, so we’ll find out about the model in the coming months.

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