iPhone 7 was expected to give up on the audio jack for an all-purpose Lightning connector, as Apple was believed to be looking into ways to make the device a bit thinner.

As a result, the company was said to be planning different versions of headphones, including Bluetooth and a Lightning wired model, both of which would be provided right in the box to make the transition easier.

Well, you can forget all of these because there’s a new report out there claiming that, no, the audio jack won’t be removed, and yes, you’ll continue to get the same headset version that’s currently available on the iPhone 6s generation.

Engadget reports that Chinese repair shop Rock Fix posted online some photos of what they claim to be iPhone 7 components, including the Lightning cable assembly, which, as you can see for yourselves in these pictures, continue to boast an audio jack.

If these photos are true, then the iPhone 7 will still have an audio jack, but there’s something even more interesting in these alleged leaks.

Dual-SIM support on the iPhone 7?

A dual-SIM tray shows up for the first time, which could reveal another Apple premiere, given the fact that no iPhone has featured such capabilities before.

Although we really don’t believe that Apple would ever go into this direction and offer a dual-SIM iPhone, it’s indeed a possibility worth taking into account, but we recommended you to take everything with a gigantic grain of salt.

Furthermore, the leak shows that the iPhone 7 Plus could come with 256 GB of storage space, a plan that we also heard about several weeks ago, but also with a dual-camera, so this feature is all but confirmed for the next generation. What’s important to know, however, is that the dual cameras will only be available on the bigger Plus model while the standard 4.7-inch version will only get a slightly improved unit over the existing 6s.

Certainly, all these contradictory reports don’t help anyone and only create more confusion in the Apple community, but as usual, taking everything as a rumor is the safest thing you can do right now.

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