Intelligent Environments, the company that brought us emoji passwords, has launched another original product, a banking platform integrated with IoT devices working on the classic “If This, Then That” principle.

Called Interact IoT, the platform will allow developers to create smart products that interact with your bank account.

Intelligent Environments launched the platform yesterday with two integrations, one for the Pavlok wristband and one for Google’s Nest thermostat.

Spend too much and you’ll receive a small electric shock

By far the most interesting, and funny, of the two is the Pavlok – Interact IoT integration. Pavlok is a smart wristband launched in 2014 that allows a user to receive electric shocks via the wristband.

The user can shock himself using a mobile app, or let a friend to shock him by providing him access to his wristband via the mobile application. The reasoning behind this device was to allow people to receive “motivation” to achieve a certain goal.

Intelligent Environments says that Pavlok owners can use the Interact IoT platform to set thresholds in their bank accounts.

When the user goes on a shopping rampage, if he passes this threshold, Interact IoT will send a message to his wristband, and the account owner will get a shock if he overspends and goes under the threshold.

Spend too much and your house will be as cold as a cave

The second integration Intelligent Environments touted was with Google Nest. As with the Pavlok, users can set thresholds in their bank accounts.

When the user overspends, the Interact IoT platform will automatically turn down his Nest thermostat a few degrees in order to save money. Research has proven that turning down your heating by three degrees can help someone save $370 per month.

“Both Pavlok and Nest Thermostat are opt-in services, so customers can decide whether to switch them on or not,”said David Webber, Managing Director at Intelligent Environments. “However, with the Pavlok integration users have told us they love it. They think it’s much better to get a little shock now, instead of a nasty one later.”

Since the world of IoT devices is known for poor security practices, Intelligent Environments has reassured customers that all Interact IoT communications take place over a secure and encrypted channel using AES 128-bit encryption and Transport Layer Security 1.2 (TLS 1.2).

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