Intel has made available a new BIOS package developed for its NUC6i7KYK NUC Kit device, namely version 0037, which disables USB compliance mode and changes the Power Limit 1 to 35w (max = 50w) and Power Limit 2 to 40w (max = 60w).

Moreover, the producer has also managed to fix a Thunderbolt-related issue where the port wouldn’t see all the connected devices, as well as to remove a Thunderbolt boot bug that caused a yellow bang when enabling an external graphics card.

In terms of the components, the present update installs ME firmware, VBIOS 2.2.20, Integrated Graphics UEFI driver 9.0.1047, and a few other versions as highlighted in the Release Notes below.

When it comes to installation, Intel has provided 4 downloadable files describing different installation methods: Recovery BIOS, iFlash BIOS, and Express BIOS Updates procedures.

To be clear, the Recovery BIOS Update package (KY0037.BIO) can flash the present version through an F7 BIOS Update method, as well as perform a recovery process if the upgrade hasn’t been successful or encountered problems.

Moving forward, the iFlash BIOS Update archive (KYSKLi70.86A.0033.BI.ZIP) is designed to be used for installing version 0037 from a USB / CD drive, and only via a DOS command prompt.

Last but not least, the two Express BIOS Updates executables (one for each bit variant of Windows 7, 8.1, 10, and Server 2012), which describe the commonly used installation method, should only be run from their compatible OSes.

That being said, download Intel NUC5i5MYHE NUC Kit BIOS 0037, take into account all the aforementioned aspects, and constantly check our website to be aware when a newer version is available.

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