Microsoft is becoming more interested in the wearables industry, and the company is not only willing to continue investments in the Band smart wristband but also to find new ways to innovate on this side of the business.

And one possible way to do that is to create what could be smart clothes capable of determining the feelings of the wearer at a given moment and react accordingly.

The garment comes with what Microsoft calls a system of soft circuit cells that are connected to sensors reading information such as temperature and heart rate to determine sudden changes in someone’s feelings. The collected data helps evaluate the wearer’s affective state, which is more like the current condition of the wearer, such as anger, fear, or excitement.

The clothes can react according to your feelings

The affective state is determined by a connected device, such as a mobile phone, which can then send the smart clothes instructions on how to react according to these feelings. For example, if you’re feeling cold, the garment can warm up, or it can start playing relaxing sounds should it detect you’re angry.

All these details have been included in a recent patent filed by Microsoft, and while they do not show that a new product is just around the corner, it’s a sign of how the Redmond-based tech giant sees the evolution of the wearables industry.

Redmond doesn’t necessarily have to bring such a product on the market, but it can be used for a variety of purposes, including medical research where patients suffering from various diseases can control their reactions better with such a device.

Furthermore, keeping an eye on the medical condition of a patient could be a lot easier, given the plethora of sensors that are being used on the smart clothes. However, for the moment, everything’s still in the early stages and there’s no doubt that there’s plenty of room for improvement before a possible public debut.

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